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berkonty buttered leather best quality women's loafers


Let's talk all about leathers... and some of it’s varieties .

Ordinary consumers know 1 to 3 types of leathers at best. In fact, there are many types of leathers all over the world. Different purpose, finish, properties, etc. allowing to produce leather in a wide range. Specifically, leather for shoes is divided into two groups: leather for the top of shoes and leather for the lining of shoes. The requirements that are imposed on it have their own characteristics. For example, the leather for the lining should have resistance to bending, compression, abrasion and be water resistant. They are also required to be strong enough to maintain constant dimension changes during humidification and drying. For internal parts, leather with other properties is used. The distinctive features of the leather for the top are elasticity, softness and relatively small thickness. This means that it should retain its appearance during wear and be easily restored when cleaned.

Here are some examples:

 Smooth leather . For it’s production, the best raw materials are used like calves, gobies and goats.


Patend leather. This is a kind of mirror shine  surface material, Thai kind of leather treated with coat of varnish based on polyurethane.

And now to the cream of the crop Buttered leather. This type of natural origin, treated with careful grinding and infusion of an oil composition. Products made of such leather look especially chic due to the effect of the "crinkles." Despite the fact that the leather  has a "shiny" appearance, it looks very spectacular and practical. The originality of such amaterial is given by broken lines, which make the product more practical and are not afraid of a temperature differences.This kind of leather has high quality, does not wear out for a long time and looks fresh throughout any season.


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