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Not too long ago, in early 2000, two former doctors in Russia wanted to make shoes that empower women.

They created Berkonty.

But before they did, they created me.

They were my parents. 

The brand name consists of first 3 letters of their surnames.

It began as a wholesale business, but in 2011, as sales skyrocketed, it became clear that it was time to expand. We opened a chain of retail stores. To date, there are 17 retail shops all over the Russian federation, as well as hundreds of wholesale customers who sell our products in stores throughout Russia!

I spent much of my life in London. Having experience working in design and retail, I jumped into the opportunity to create a collection made for British market. 

I grew up with the mentality that with the right shoes and attitude, you can get very far in life. It is my goal to help other women stand tall and proud in beautiful shoes that allow them to experience life to the fullest, whether it's a stroll through the park or a business meeting. 


It all begins with a sketch, and becomes a handmade product made with love and care. 

We have strict quality standards and use luxurious materials. Our shoes are made of either natural leather, which is popular for its convenience and breathability, or suede, which is comfortable and elegant.

Once you put your foot into a Berkonty shoe, you'll know the difference. And I promise, you'll likely be coming back for more. 

Even if you choose a high heel, it will always be as comfortable as possible.

After all, this is the main problem of all fashionistas - to find comfortable shoes that will not leave them with blisters or limping across the street. 

Nevertheless, our philosophy is to be at the peak of fashion, with convenience and for affordable money. We promise to deliver value for money - Berkonty shoes always look and feel more expensive than they cost. 


We are always ready to advise you and choose shoes taking into account your physiological characteristics and preferences in the model, colour, as well as material. All the products that we create and all the decisions that we make revolve around delighting our customers.


The Berkonty mission is to develop and create fashionable, affordable and high-quality shoes. We are dedicated to making our customers happy and find joy in the process. 

I hope that everyone could find the perfect shoe for themselves and enjoy wearing them. 

Director and Designer.

Bela Bloom.

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